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Labradoodles at Gooseberry Farm Wakefield, RI

Gooseberry Labradoodles
At Gooseberry Labradoodles in Wakefield, RI we have a passion for the labradoodle breed, and strive to bring the highest pet quality companions to families a over New England. Our pups are whelped in our bedroom, and our momma dogs get all the assistance and support of any maternity ward. At the age of 3 weeks, we move them into our living room to become more involved in family life. They are handled and loved daily by us, and their early stage socialization and health is our top priority.
We are a responsible Labradoodle breeder and consider ourselves one of the leading breeders in Rhode Island and throughout New England, offering quality Labradoodle puppies as life long family pets and companions.

Here at Gooseberry Labradoodles we pride ourselves on matching each of our puppies to their perfect forever family. Our puppies are handled from a young age to ensure that they are socialized and ready for family life. Our pups have happy homes throughout New England in Ct., RI., Mass., Cape Cod, and many other states.

We Specialize In

Mini and medium sized Australian Labradoodles, with a few large sized littered a year. Our color specialties are red, chocolate, parti, apricot, phantom, and caramel.

About Labradoodles

The temperament of the Labradoodle breed is calm and affectionate. They are loveable and very playful, and enjoy bounding around the yard with not only their new family's young ones, but also with their family's other pets. They also love snuggling up with their family just as much; this breed loves to smooch and hang out, and their love knows no bounds.
Due to their no shedding coats, our Labradoodles are hypoallergenic.

These puppies love to be the center of attention. Once you see our beautiful Gooseberry Labradoodles, you won't need to look any further.

Gooseberry Labradoodles Puppy Policies, Pricing and More
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All Gooseberry breeding dogs are health tested . Healthy hips, ,patella, heart and eyes, as well as being clear for Von Willebrand disease are a must for our breeding dogs. Annual blood work is done on all dogs. All Gooseberry pups come with a 2 year health guarantee on hips, heart, patella and eyes.

Registered Owner: Deborah Gordon/Gooseberry Australian Labradoodles ALCA Membership #216

We health test our dogs. This is very important to us


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