Gooseberry Pricing /Puppy Policies

 NEW Gooseberry Labradoodles Puppy Application.
So that you understand our puppy policy , we ask that you complete the Puppy Application and return it to us as noted on the Application Form  This application is for informational purposes only to assure that the pups are a good match with the family,  surroundings and home. It is not intended to be an order for a Pup.

Visiting Gooseberry Labradoodles
We donít allow visitors to our home very often because of a very serious and contagious disease called Parvo. We have never had a problem with this disease personally but have known it to wipe out entire litters. This devastating disease can be spread by unsuspecting people who visit multiple breeders or kennels in one day. We feel in this case it is better to be safe than sorry. At 8 weeks we do a Meet Your Puppy and Their Parents. This is the day that you will take your puppy home, and is an opportunity to meet your puppy's parents

Lifetime Assistance
II believe that each puppy is unique and wonderful but also a huge responsibility. I offer my support and assistance to all of my puppies for their entire life. If at any time during its life, one of my puppies/dogs needs to be re-homed, I will work to find that dog or puppy the appropriate home. Please do not ever take one of my babies to a shelter.

At Gooseberry Labradoodles the price for our puppies effective June 1 2017 is $2,750. We breed to the high standards and requirements of the Australian Labradoodle Club of America and we test each and every one of our breeding dogs for both health and temperament. If any of our dogs were to not pass our rigorous health testing, that dog would never be used as a breeding dog, nor would an ill tempered dog, as they would be deemed below standard. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our puppies and would never allow a breeding to produce a litter that was either unhealthy or would have a poor temperament.
Our price is reflective of the fact that we require our families to spay or neuter their puppies at their own cost. We send our puppies to their forever homes with a two year health guarantee on hips, heart, eyes, elbows, and any life threatening congenital diseases. However without proof of the spay or neuter of the puppy, this health guarantee is null and void. We understand these procedures can be costly, and are sympathetic to the needs of our families.

What Goes Home With Our Puppies
Every Gooseberry Labradoodle is sent home with these essentials:

Micro Chip and application
Current vaccinations and worming
Two year genetic health guarantee
A Puppy Take Home Bag, which includes a collar and leash, a puppy blanket, toys and grain free treats
Plenty of information on how to care for your puppy, including feeding, grooming, training and more
A copy of the pup's wellness exam from our vet, and a copy of their fecal sample exam, taken right before they go home
A lifetime of continued support for your family and dog

There is no price difference for different colors, sizes, or genders. We believe that both males and females make equally fantastic family pets.

 Please feel free to contact me with any question or concerns you may have at  (401) 742-4176 or email

Deborah Gordon

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